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1 year ago

There comes a time in every student’s academic career when all his/her potential and knowledge to succeed outside the gates of their college are put to test by recruiting companies looking for fresh graduates. Pagish happened to get hold of one of the victims of such hard times in an engineering college to have a little chat who asked only for anonymity in return for his blunt honesty. Oh wait.. Did I just say “his”?

Bring it ON Kid

“Well, I just got promoted to 7th semester and I am already suffering from Placement fever and insomnia. I don’t know who is to blame for this: My immune system or the peer pressure to get placed as my other friends are on a roll. But to my surprise, I am actually part of the crowd. The ones standing out of the crowd are actually the students getting placed in the early placement season already. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say, “It’s the story of every student’s life”.
All of us partied hard on weekends, watched games on game nights and cared just enough to get through the tests trying not to get trapped in college to clear the subject during sem breaks. And now, here I am whining about it to some random notes sharing website on a Sunday morning with a hangover from last night. God!! “

Umm.. ok!! Thank you for mentioning us in the best possible way you could.

“The mass recruiters like Infosys , Accenture, TCS and Cognizant, as I have been told by my seniors, will of course be there to my rescue but I would rather skip through the placement process and pursue higher education to gain some more hard skills in the tech domain than work for a non-core company.
Ok! You Got Me! That was a lie. Beggars can’t be choosers, right? And moreover, I don’t want to give my parents another reason to feel disappointed in me anymore — that typical emotional sentiment emanated from the neighbor, Sharmaji’s son.
I wish the recruiting companies could focus more on a person’s curiosity to learn and ability to think critically than giving so much of importance on grades. I know many of my friends who are really smart in solving real life problems and decision making but suck at acing the tests. I think that’s the reason why Google, Facebook and Apple are so consistent in having an extra ordinary batch of freshers every year.
The current conventional recruitment process really takes a toll on graduating students making them doubt their potential in surviving the competition, let alone succeeding. I just pray that I end up in a job that values my skills and conviction to find a solution for any problem at my disposal. Keeping my fingers crossed. 

Pagish took the opportunity of making an infographic that explains all 4 years of an engineering student. Do click on the infographic below if this intrigues you.

 4 Engine-Years in a nutshell

Feel free to share how your placement days are/were in the comments below.

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