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Haaaaaaave you met ME?

11 months ago

Hi there!

This is an introductory blog post and I am gonna try talking to myself as if I were “YOU” with loads of question marks hovering over my head about the website, blog and also “the ME” (Good luck getting the paradox here)

Oh boy, I wish I were that cute!

Anyhoo, I’ll let you in on a long preserved top secret about this website and the vision behind it following which a little idea on what this blog caters to and then saving the best for the last, “Introduce you to the man of the blog himself”.

What is “Pagish”? (With a logo)

Hmm.. Glad you asked!

Pagish is a product developed towards making the present learning practices in universities Easier, Streamlined and Economical. This is made possible by having crowd sourced, user driven e-notes uploaded by educators i.e., students or professors. Yes, you read it right!! We believe a student with a great conceptual understanding can be an educator too.

Pagish is an answer to your questions on a night before exam, “What do i study for the test tomorrow?”, “Where do I study it from?”, “Dude, you got any notes on you for this topic? I can’t understand anything from the textbook” and so on.

So if you are among the toppers, first benchers or exceptionally sincere mid or last benchers (in other words if you prepare notes during class lectures or exam prep), then you must share your notes here on this portal. I mean, come on.. if Taher Shah can get popular with his songs, then the odds of getting yourself popular by your notes is pretty high. Moreover, you got nothing to lose; in fact an opportunity to earn some extra pocket money through your notes.

And the ones who are not quite there yet in sincerity scale of the note taking calibrator, you got nothing to worry about. We got you covered. All these notes are being uploaded just for you. We have a wide variety of notes for you to read from, that suit your understanding. So, you can ask your savior friends to make this world a better place by sharing their notes here.

We strive to make sure that d(knowledge)/d(time spent on Pagish) > 0 ; and we are always open to feedbacks and suggestions where we can maximize the knowledge gain with time spent.

To add on top of these nerdy formulations, Pagish believes “Its curiosity, not the failures, that is the pillar to success.” Curiosity to find out what caused you to fail in the first place is the very fundamental learning in doing it better next time.

Too heavy, huh??? Never Mind.

What is this blog all about?

Wow, Curious already? Impressive!! Long way to go..

Do you want me to cut the crap and give it to you straight? Alright. Well, it’s a marketing strategy. There you go; I said it. Let’s face it. I need you to hear me.. I mean “Read Me.. or whatever; you are smart enough to know what I mean.

Nevertheless, our intent is also to make sure we hear you too. We want to build a relationship with you that last longer than the one you had with your ex. We will provide you with updates on our product and service improvements, feature enhancements, student centric affairs like movies, songs, games, alcohol (and sometimes grass if you like but shush about it). You can go down every post and let your frustration out in the comments section; though few shares and positive comments with some tumultuous cheering would keep us motivated and moving.

..but Who Are YOU?

Good Question!! Who Am I?.. hmm. I am a mortal on a mission to earn immortality through my work.

But on a serious note!

Well, I am Akash — first time blogger, cheesy with humor, nerd, narcissist, beer lover, tech enthusiast, co-founder of Pagish and.. (I am sure you might have figured by now) an ENGINEER.

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