How many times have we clicked photos of tens of pages and whatsapp’ed it? Or borrowed a teachers' copy to wait long hours at the photocopy centre. We, at Pagish, are trying to create an online repository of notes.

Pagish is an online repository of class notes developed towards making the present learning practices for students easier, streamlined and economical.

We wish to bring the student community, faculty and learning content creators together which allow learners access to variety of content on any topic to opt from, according to their cognitive level of understanding.

We believe in the philosophy of “givers gain”, and reward all users who wish to support and build the student community, especially the content creators and educators who facilitate the academic course materials which are used by the students.

We want to become an industry standard in recognizing the true potential of our users involved in imparting, sharing or acquiring knowledge.

Akash Agrawal

Akash was one of the nerds from RV College of Engineering and his notes and assignments were very popular during his college career. His room-mates and friends would always look up to his notes to score in tests. He, eventually during his 4 years of engineering, observed that he was not the only one whose notes were popular in college. In fact every class had a couple of such students who maintained their notes and were organically used wide spread all across the department and sometimes across other college campuses. It was then when he had that “Eureka” moment to start Pagish.

Dhananjay Dixit

Dhananjay (or as his friends call him “Dj” or “Jay”) is one of the studs from RV College of Engineering who happens to be a big time Party Animal. It so happened Akash and Dj were best friends in college (and so are they now) and he would usually ask Akash to teach him few subjects before the tests. It just made so much sense for Dj to connect with the idea of an online platform “Pagish” which can connect both nerds and studs without the limitation of their locations. And hence, he was on board as partner in crime with Akash.